2019 Honda Fit Prices, Reviews, and Pictures

The Honda Fit is a compact four-door hatchback that’s ideal for commuters who are looking for an affordable vehicle. The 2007 model year was the first time the Fit was introduced to North America by Honda. The current generation of the Fit is in its third year of production. Its first model year was the 2007 model year.


The Honda Fit is a good vehicle to drive around the city. The 1.5-liter engine gives off surprising spin in sprints. The car’s small dimensions and tight handling make it a good choice for urban driving. It’s a completely different experience to get on the freeway, as the Fit’s engine has difficulty merging and maintaining a freeway speed. The freeway noise is very loud, which makes it difficult to talk and listen to the radio. When it comes to being able to transport a variety of items, the Fit is a better choice than most of its rivals and even compact SUVs. The Fit is a great value for its low price as long as it’s not used on the freeway often.

Trims and Pricing

The Fit is available in two trim levels from Honda: Sport and Base. Base models come standard with power windows, power doors locks, 15-inch stainless steel wheels, air conditioning and keyless entry. There is also a 60/40 split back seat, sound system with four speakers, and an auxiliary Jack. Sport models add 16-inch alloy wheels, foglights and leather wrapped steering wheels to the standard equipment. An option is a navigation system, which can also be controlled by voice and Bluetooth connectivity. The Honda Fit Base model has a base price of $16,000 and a MSRP of $16,300. The MSRP for Sport models is approximately $2,000. You can expect a lower MSRP for sport models as you become a member.

Performance and Engine

The Honda Fit has one engine, a 1.5-liter four-cylinder with 117 horsepower and 106 pound-feet torque. As standard equipment, the Honda Fit comes with a five speed manual transmission. An option is a five speed automatic. The automatic transmission also includes a manual mode, which allows the driver to manually shift gears using paddle shifters. The Honda Fit’s fuel economy is estimated at 27 mpg city, 33 mpg highway and 29 mpg combined driving with the manual transmission. The automatic transmission estimates a fuel economy of 27 mpg in city, 35 highway mpg and 31 combined mpg.


The interior of the Fit is dominated in black and grey. It has a very clean look. The controls and gauges have a futuristic, simplified look that is easy to read and use. The interior surfaces feel a little rough and cheap considering the low price. However, interiors in comparable vehicles are much more luxurious than those found in the Fit. The Honda Fit’s strength is its interior space. The first and second rows have enough space to accommodate four adults of average size. The seats are supportive but comfortable. To make it easier for fit owners to access the hidden storage compartment, flip the bottoms of the rear seats to expose it. This allows you to store tall or narrow items such as large frames and pictures. With a flat floor, 57.3 cubic feet of storage can be created by folding the seatbacks down so that they are flat. For such a small car, the front passenger seat can also be folded flat to store items up to eight feet in length. The Fit’s driver visibility is another strength. The Fit is able to give the driver a great view of the road from every angle, despite the increasing beltlines of most cars of all sizes. Because the Fit doesn’t have large blind spots, drivers don’t have to worry about SUVs and other vehicles camping out in big blind spots. Although a backup camera is not possible, the Fit’s extensive array of glass allows drivers easy access to the cars behind them. Honda doesn’t load the Fit with many interior gadgets. All models include steering-wheel mounted controls for the stereo, cruise control, and stereo. They also have a stereo that can play MP3 and WMA audio files. The optional navigation system adds the benefit of Pandora radio and voice commands, but some cars already have these gadgets.

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